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 Auction Rules (WIP)

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PostSubject: Auction Rules (WIP)   Wed Nov 28, 2012 2:15 am

These rules are designed to help keep Auctions in order without things going haywire.

1. Auctions are for items, prey and anything else that you wish to sell off to someone. Someone bids and the person wins the item, the item is no longer yours, end of story.

2. The 'currency' used to bid can be whatever is suitable for you, from DeviantArt Points to real cash. No matter what it is however, be cautious about scammers!

3. If you are auctioning an item, once it's sold don't give it out freely to others, return the money if you want to do that or you will be in trouble by more than just the new owner.

4. If you would rather an admin hold an auction please talk to one of the Auctioneers.
They're recognizable by the 'Auctioneer' rank.

5. If you hold your own auction we are not responsible for any theft that takes place. We warn you beforehand but in the end we can't be held responsible. Keep an eye on the 'Warnings and Reviews' section incase your getting scammed by the bidder.

6. You are allowed to make your own rules up but if you want just a normal auction see the 'Auction Rules' thread.

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Auction Rules (WIP)
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